3 Ways to Straighten a Frizzy Wig

As we all know that, if we use a wig for long time, the hair will get frizzy easily, and looks not pretty. So how we straighten a frizzy wig to make it looks much more better? Today’s blog, we will tell you 3 ways.


  1. Using Detangling Products on a Dry Wig

You can put the human hair wig in a wig holder, if you do not have one, you can use your knee or ask someone to put the wig in their head. Then use a wide-tooth comb or your hand gently to brush the hair. Because tight comb will make the hair tangle easily. Also, when your hair have tangle issue, do not brush it harder, it will let the hair get more tangle and shedding.
Then you can apply some detangling spray products on your hair, slowly combing the sprayed section. If your hair has some tangle parts, put the comb away and detangle it with your fingers. Once it's solved, continue combing. Go on with the spraying and combing until you have worked your way all the way around the wig.


  1. Washing the wig

You can put the frizzy wig in the water for few mins until the whole wig are wet. Then use warm water to rinse the wig, next, apply some hair conditioner to let the hair more smooth, please noticed not choose the washing products which contain sulfate, it will let your hair looks more dryer. After you applied the conditioner, wait few mins to let the conditioner absorbed, then use the warm water to rinse the wig again until the hair without any hair products.
The last step is towel dry the hair, and hang it to air dry.


  1. Using Heating Tools for Heat-Friendly Wigs

First, make sure your wig are 100% human hair which can take heat, because we know for synthetic hair, if you heated it, it will burn easily.
Preheat your flat iron on the lowest temperature, not choose the highest temperature at the first, it will hurt your hair.
When you heating your hair, remember from the top to end, you can part your wigs into 2 sections, so that you can do it more well. You can use clip to fix the extra hair which you not going to heat it. Do the same step until you heat the whole wig. Also, do not hold the flat iron on one spot for longer than a few seconds, as overexposure to heat might hurt the wig.
When you done, you also can use straightener tools to straighten your hair, to let it looks more smooth and shinny.

That is the 3 ways to straighten a frizzy wig, have you learned it? These 3 ways are healthy methods, which is not harm your hair, so you can learn and do it.

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