Why Women Prefer Human Hair Over Synthetic Hair

There are a variety of hairs on the market, including synthetic hair and human hair, the market research showed that women like human hair better than synthetic hair.

Longer Life

Human hair products last longer than synthetic hair products. For example, regular human hair lace wigs are handcrafted and, if properly cared for, will last at least a year. Synthetic wigs may only last about two months.

More Comfortable

Some lace wigs human hair have lace bases. The laces we used are all high-quality Swiss laces that are light and breathable. So the breathability of human hair wigs is better than synthetic wigs. That is also why it is more comfortable and breathable to wear a real human hair wig.

More Real And Natural Looks

Human hair looks softer and can present attractive luster, smooth as silk. A human hair wig can offer you a more realistic and natural look.

Do More Hairstyles

People can not restyle their synthetic wigs. But human hair wigs can do more hairstyles, people can straighten or curl their human hair wigs at home. Also, some human hair wigs can be recolored, you can dye a preferred hair color by yourself.

We prefer to buy real human hair, Hairsmarket is an online hair store that offers all types of 100% human hair products. Like cheap lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, colorful wigs, headband wigs, hair bundles, etc. You can buy anything you like at the store.

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