Why More and More People Choose 4x4 Wigs

If you wear wigs regularly, you must have heard of lace closure wigs. Generally speaking, we call lace closures as closure pieces, those pieces can be sewed on top of your head to corporate with hair bundles or caps, and it can give the appearance of a natural scalp area.

Lace wigs can be subdivided into 4x4 lace wigs, 5x5 lace wigs, 6x6 lace wigs and 2x6 lace wigs according to size, but why is 4x4 lace wigs becoming more and more popular?

1.High Fidelity

If you want to buy a wig, the first thing you should do is buy a natural wig. Thin lace and ventilated, looks nature and realistic like your real scalp. It will blend well into your real hair and handle your hairline well.

2.High Comfort

Lace closures wigs are made with lace, a material that makes wigs seem realistic and comfortable enough to wear,It's completely no burden. So if you go for comfort, the lace closures wig is a good choice for you.

3.Can be Restyled

If you have a lace closure wig, you can change it as needed. When you like a color or curl, you can dye it or curl it yourself. You don't have to choose a new wig. In this way, you can also protect your hair.

4.Less Obvious knots

This is the main reason why it is more natural and comfortable to wear. Less obvious knots means you can wear them directly after buying them, so you don't need to bleach knots.

5.Cheap Price

Compared to other 13x4 lace front wigs or 5x5 lace closure wig, 6x6 lace closure wigs, 4x4 lace closure wigs are cheaper and the same quuality hair, so if you are a student or just starting out, this is the best choice for you.

6.Long duration

100% human hair can last a long time, as long as you treat it right and don't hurt it. Proper care can also extend the life of your wig.

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