Why Headband Wigs Are Better Than Lace Front Wigs

Wigs have been popular for many years among women from various parts of the world. They come in different designs and styles because each woman has unique tastes and preferences. Among the most popular wigs are the headband and lace front wigs. Though they both give you a stunning look, they tend to be different.

When we talk of a headband wig, it’s a special hairpiece that’s more than any traditional wig. It is a combination of a standard wig that has hair is sewn on a wig cap and a headband that is professionally attached in front. Some people refer to them as half wigs because they aren’t meant to cover the front of your head. Wearing these wigs allows you to display your natural hair. A headband wig has adjustable straps that are elastic to allow women of different head sizes to wear it. It’s also designed with small clips to prevent it from sliding when worn.

The most unique features of headband wigs are lightweight and high breath-ability. Having a breathable mesh allows natural airflow in your head and hence keeps your scalp healthy.

Could be someone hasn’t used or seen a headband wig before. Therefore, it is not clear to her what we are talking about. In this article, we have decided to share with you the benefits of headband wigs over lace front wigs:

1.Convenient and Easy to Wear

Unlike the lace front wigs, headband wigs are the most convenient wigs you can wear today. Because they have no laces to attach to the head, you don’t need adhesives to install these wigs on your head. Installing a lace front wig involves demanding steps such as gluing, plucking, and bleaching which are tedious and time-consuming.

If you are a beginner, this is the best wig to purchase. You can easily style it without the help of a hairstylist. The fact that you don’t apply any glue on your head means that your natural hairline remains healthy and beautiful.

Women love it because they remove it as they sleep and wear it again the following day. The installation process can take you as little as a minute.

2.Different Colors and Styles

We all understand that women have diverse preferences. That’s is why manufacturers provide headband wigs with different colors and an array of styles. You can get a wig of your favorite color instead of being forced to bleach your wig to achieve a given shade. The wigs are also available in many styles because of varying preferences.

Again, the length shouldn’t be a worry because they are available in both long and short lengths. If you like this wig, you’ll also buy a wig that is designed in your preferred hair texture.

3.Natural Hairlines

Depending on what pleases you or what makes you feel more confident, you can either cover your natural hairline when wearing a headband wig or expose it. Placing it slightly backward amazingly exposes your hairline and beautiful edges. This provision ensures that any woman can wear a headband wig. For women who suffer from hair loss, it is good to cover the entire head to give your hairline time to recover.

4.Fashionable and Stylish

There is a lot to enjoy with a no-lace wig. Other than the convenience of wearing it, you also have a great opportunity to vary the scarves or headbands. These headbands allow you to change the style as you wish.

Originally, it’s in a black headband but you can as well purchase more headbands with varying colors and patterns. Changing the headband or the headband style gives you a new amazing look every day using the same wig.


Wearing a heavy wig can discourage you from wearing wigs especially if you are a beginner. However, a headband wig is light and comfortable to wear. Being light means that you are free to engage in various activities conveniently for longer hours without getting exhausted. You can use these wigs in any season because it has a breathable cap.

6.More Affordable

Most human hair wigs are a bit costly but headband wigs are more affordable despite their high quality. This wig is machine-made and therefore more economical to produce than the lace front wig. The only good thing is that the hair used isn’t chemically treated. After purchasing the headband wig, you will save the cost of visiting a stylist to make your wig.

How to Install a Headband Wig Correctly

As we said earlier, installing a headband wig is a DIY process and doesn’t require professionals. It only takes you an unbelievably short moment and to have it fixed. Here are the steps to follow when installing a headband wig:

Start by removing any tangles on your wig using the recommended combs or brushes.

Plait your natural hair into cornrows or put on a wig cap to make it flat. You can leave out some front hair if you wish to display your natural hairline.

Put on the wig and ensure to secure the clips tightly both at the back and front of your head. The wig should not cause any discomfort and hence you are free to move it until you feel most comfortable.

Hold your hair using a clip to allow you to adjust the straps at the back of your head to fit the wig to your head size.

Drop the hair and style it into a messy bun, ponytail, or any other style you like. You can also straighten it with a flat iron.

Use a headband over the original black headband to bring a change to your style.


If you love the convenience that is accompanied by affordability and durability, headband wigs are the best wigs for you. They will give you a natural look without the need for a hairstylist. You will also be able to change your style by simply using a different headband which isn’t possible with lace front wigs. If you love dancing and shaking your head while partying, a headband wig will serve you best. It cannot frustrate you like the glued lace front wigs.

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