What You Should Understand About Bundles with Closure

The beauty industry is among the most diverse industries in the world. Fashion changes continually because people are developing ideas and improving the existing ones every minute. Don’t be shocked when an old fashion bounces back into the market. It is common in the fashion industry.

When it comes to hair extensions, they come in different types to suit the many hair needs among women. Closures are among the most used hairpieces today. Those who prefer them will tell you that bundles with closure will ultimately protect your natural hair. Hair bundles with closure offer a unique cover to your entire scalp.

A closure can be added to a wig or your sew-in and is attached to a lace base. When fitted properly, no one will note its difference with hair growing from a natural scalp. The base is uniquely designed and resembles a human scalp. Hair closures come in different sizes and colors to suit your needs.

Even though the market offers an array of hairpieces, the only hairpiece that covers your hair the same as bundles with closure is a headband wig. This wig also gives you a natural look and is known for its high breath ability.

We can’t deny that closures are great hair extensions but you need to get yourself the best. To conveniently do this, you need to read through this article and understand more about these bundles.

Types of Bundles with Closure

We’ve said that hair bundles are designed differently to meet various hair needs in women. The difference in these bundles comes in size, colors, types of parts, hair texture, and hair type. Let us sink deeper into these differences:

1.Different Sizes

Closures are made in varying dimensions. These measurements are taken on the closure base in inches. The most common sizes are 4″ x 5″, 5″ x 5", 4″ x 4″, and 4″ x 3.5″. Frontal have bigger bases than closures. Most front lace wigs measure 13" X 4", 13" X 5", and 3" X 6". Despite the difference in dimensions, some people may confuse closures with frontal. This happens especially with wider closures.

It’s critical to know the size of the hair closures you have especially if you make customized wigs. Professional wig makers should measure their customer’s head size before embarking on the manufacturing process. With the head size and closure size, you can make a great wig without wasting closures. Being economical in the production process means you would sell your customized wigs at affordable rates.

2.Various Parts

Due to varying styling needs, bundles with closure are designed with various parts. Some parts in a single way while others part in different ways. You can either buy a middle part or a side part closure. Manufacturers also offer a free part to enable wearers to part their hair in different directions.

Whichever part you purchase, you’ll realize that they come in several textures such as kinky, wavy, straight, and curly. This ensures that you can achieve any style and be presentable.

Common Hairstyles with Closures

Hair bundles with closure are highly stylus and fashionable. They are among the most versatile hairpieces in the market. With bundles with closure, you can conveniently achieve your favorite hairstyles without damaging your hair.


If you prefer to be in a bob hairstyle, we would advise that you purchase human hair bundles with closure. Bob doesn’t require you to move the parts. This means that you can have a middle or side part bob depending on your preference. Bundles with closure remain the best hairpieces for women who love bob life.

Middle Part

Sometimes, you want to part your hair in the middle of your head. If that’s your intention, you need to buy hair bundles with closure to give you a stunning look. A closure makes your middle part look sleek and blend naturally. Straight hair is the best if you want to achieve this hairstyle.

Installing a Hair Bundle with Closure

Buying a high-quality bundle with closure isn’t enough. We consider it important to understand how to install it. Below are the steps useful in installing hair bundles with closure:

a.Start by braiding your natural hair to provide a flat surface for installing your closure. Failure to make your hair flat means you won’t achieve a natural look.

b.Secure your closure used a recommended adhesive or straps if you are using it with a headband wig or any other type of wig. Sewing down or taping down are also proven ways of securing closures. The bundles you fit should lay flat on your head.

c.Add the extra tracks to your sew-in. This can come before or after you customize your sew-in. Begin by carefully cutting the lace to fit your natural hairline.

d.Apply a concealer to change the color of the lace to match your skin tone. This makes the lace undetectable and gives you a more natural look.

e.For amazing results with lace closures, you should bleach the knots before embarking on these steps.


Like any other hairpiece, the only reason you’ll buy a bundle with closure is to achieve a natural look. I’m sure you won’t invest in a hair extension that doesn’t add value to your beauty. The information in this article helps you to understand more about these lovely extensions.

You need to know that their texture mainly depends on the origin of the hair used. Our beauty stores have Brazilian bundles, Peruvian bundles, Indian Bundles, Malaysian bundles, and many others. The Brazilian hair bundles with closure are more popular and come as straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair bundles.

It is upon you to select a bundle that suits your needs. You need to decide whether you want a bundle that will match your dressing – official or casual. Again, you can purchase hair bundles for particular occasions or go for neutral pieces that work fine for all occasions. Remember, the hair can be styled and hence you have room for change without necessarily replacing the existing bundles.

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