What’s the Difference Between Deep Wave Wig and Water Wave Wig

As human hair wigs become more and more popular, there are different styles of wigs to choose from on the market. As the weather gets colder, more people prefer curly hair to straight hair, but curly hair also has different styles. How should we choose?

What is a deep wave wig

The deep wave curl pattern is close to the water wave pattern . Loose deep waves are also popular with African-American customers, with tight curls, but curls are more neat than waves.

What is a water wave wig

Water wave wig got its name based on its characteristics. The water wave hair has a wave design and is gradually hinged as the waves weave closer together. Water waves are similar in texture to waves on water. It has big curly hair which gives a natural feel and makes it look more elegant and elegant.

Although deep wave and water wave wig have an almost similar structure and texture of curls which makes it difficult for people to differentiate between the two of them when we look into them, both are quite different from each other.

Curl Pattern

The curl pattern of deep wave wig is relatively neat, and the curl pattern of water wave wig is similar to that of water ripples, but it is irregular.


Because the curls of the water wave hair are irregular, it gives them more volume as compared to deep wave hair, the curl of deep wigs looks slightly flat.


If you want to look bomb and eccentric, then you should go for water wave wig, but if you want a romantic classic look then you should go for deep wave wig.

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