What’s A 360 Lace Front Wig

With its outstanding natural appearance and relaxed styling style, 360 lace wigs are becoming more and more popular among users of human hair products.


360 lace front wig is a new human hair product.


In terms of materials, 360 wigs made from imported 100% natural human hair are of high quality and very suitable for long-term use. They can be washed, bleached, dyed, crimped, straightened and reformulated as needed, and remain in good condition for a long time.


The handmade 360 lace wig human hair looks like a wig with a pre-sewn 360 frontal leaf and hair bundle. The combination of the main advantages of the full lace wig and the lace front wig, the affordable price and the ability to meet the needs of more hair options is your best choice if these conditions appeal to you.


You can straighten or curl it, it will be very beautiful, and the hair will still be healthy.


Color it or style it a ponytail

You can color the hair as needed, brown or whatever color you want, and the wig looks great. You can separate the wig anywhere, the middle part, the three parts, etc. You can also put it back in a ponytail, whatever you want to do, I love the back of it, it looks very cute, beautiful and natural. You can use some gel to fix your baby's hair, and the quality of the human hair weave is sure to excite you. It's so soft and beautiful, and the texture is clear, smooth and shiny.


Safe and reliable

The 360 lace wig is so flat and beautiful. Front, side and back adjustable belts and clamps secure them. You can wear it very safely without worrying about it coming off easily. Do whatever you want, meet your friends, or go to a party. It looks just like your own hair. It's the most natural and beautiful.

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