What is Hair Density in Wigs

Wigs are becoming more and more popular and have become a basic beauty product for black women, especially human hair wigs. Density is often considered when purchasing wigs, as it determines whether a wig is too thick or too thin to wear on the head. So what is the hair density in human hair wigs? How do i choose the best wig density?
When talking about hair density, you are talking about how thick the hair is on the wig. Generally speaking, it is just the amount of hair used on each wig cap. However, hair density is not hair volume. When straight hair is compared with curly hair, even if they have the same density, curly hair looks thicker than straight hair.
There are a variety of hair densities on the market, 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%density, but how do we choose?

130% Density Wigs

These wigs are close to standard density, but they are still medium weight wigs. This density wig has a very natural look and is very cheap. If you don't have very high requirements for density, you can choose this density.


150% Density Wigs

This is a good density for women who want to make their hair look more natural and fuller. It is also the best selling one on the market, and the price is moderate, suitable for everyone to buy.

180% Density Wigs

This is high density hair. Designed for those who want fuller hair. If you want it to work best and look natural, you should use it on long hair. And the price is higher than the previous two.

200% Density Wigs

This density is very heavy. We can customize it if necessary, but the price will be much higher. It is usually recommended to choose this density for the long hair length, which will look natural, while the density for the short size will be very heavy.
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