What Are the Different Types of Hair Weave

There are so many more hair weaves out there, for the most part beginners to the weave world start off with Indian Remy weave, but the most popular in sales seem to be the Brazilian hair weave. Which weave do you think is the best hair weave?

Malaysian Hair

Let's start with Malaysian hair weave. The biggest and most unique feature of this weave is its soft touch. It exudes a very silky texture. Malaysian hair is easy to handle, so when the time is right and you do want to invest in it, the sewing process will be seamless. This weave also comes very full, so you do not have to worry about purchasing excessive bundles to create a natural full look. You can do all hairstyles with Malaysian hair, but the most common style is straight hair.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is the most common hair weave processed and purchased around the world. When it comes down to the texture Brazilian weave has a natural wave pattern. Its form is typically thick but soft to the touch like the many other weave types we’ve discussed. The reason why Brazilian hair is so popular is that it comes in a variety of colors at the time of purchase, and the thickness of Brazilian hair is easy to color. When most weaves are dyed and processed, they will fall off and split, but due to the strength of Brazilian hair, you rarely encounter this problem. Another advantage of this kind of this weave is that it can maintain the hairstyle very well. Whether you want to add spiral curls, curly waves, or a straight-bone look, Brazilian hair can achieve all of these styles.

Peruvian Hair

Compared to Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair weave does not seem to be favored. Peruvian hair has a thick texture, since the strands are so thick, this weave will provide you with the perfect fluffy hairstyle. Another advantage of buying this amazing weave is that it can be blended with almost all hair textures. So, my women with natural curly hair or thick coils are very suitable for you. Peruvian hair is soft to the touch and helps prevent tangles or frequent knots. When you buy this hair in its natural form, it produces a slight wavy effect, which is different from most weaves that have been processed or naturally straightened.

Indian Hair

Indian hair weave is a classic, and it’s something that has been around a lot longer than the other hair weaves. The texture of Indian hair varies in thickness, similar to the texture of Malaysian hair. Why Indian hair is so highly sought after is due to the fact that it is not overly processed and does not go through any harsh chemicals to achieve its sultry straight hair look. Indian weaving has a light and airy feel, and the volume is very large after installation. It is not as thin as the Peruvian weave, but it still gives an amazingly stylish look. Another advantage of this weave is the natural darkness. If you like my hair that is dark and thick, Indian hair is your best choice.

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