Tips on Buying and Wearing a Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs can be worn for different reasons including baldness, hair loss, or a poor hairline. Others will also wear a wig as a way of changing their hairstyle. Lace front wigs are among the most preferred human hair wigs available today. Though it seems to be a normal process, getting a good wig isn’t automatic. It can be tricky for beginners who haven’t used lace front wigs before.

If you aren’t haven’t seen or used a lace front wig before, it’s a wig with a lace frontal closure that is fitted to the front of your head when wearing it. High-quality lace frontal wigs are 100% handmade. The best thing is that lace front wigs give you a natural look and are hardly noticed. The hair is professionally fitted on a wig cap to give you a beautiful appearance.

The Best Cheap Lace Front Wigs

Before you get into a beauty shop, you need to be sure of what to look for in the wig you will take home. There are many front wigs, human hair sellers, in the market. These sellers offer different wig qualities but you only deserve the best. Below are the factors to consider if you are looking to buy cheap human hair wigs


Wigs are made of different materials and this applies even to lace front wigs. Some are made from synthetic fiber while high-quality lace wigs are made of virgin human hair and are handmade to ensure originality. These wigs are amazingly beautiful because the hair on them has a natural cuticle and doesn’t shed off. The best wigs’ manufacturing process doesn’t involve the use of chemical elements.

When looking for a cheap wig, you need to ensure that it’s soft and won’t damage your natural hair. High-quality lace frontal wigs are durable and therefore give you value for your money.

2.Wig and Lace Color

To be presentable you need to buy a lace front wig of a suitable color. The lace color should blend correctly with the color of your natural hair. This is applicable for both 13 x 6 transparent lace wigs and the 13 x 4 lace front wigs. These two wigs are suitable for different women.

Frontal lace wigs with a transparent wig are great for women of different colors because they will appear natural on any skin color. The transparent lace makes it undetectable when worn. The 13 x 4 front lace wigs are best suited for black women because their color matches such skin tones.

Because we all want a wig that gives us a natural look, it’s paramount to consider our skin color before we decide on the wig to take home.

3.Your Intended Look

It can be termed as self-ridicule if you walk into a salon when you haven’t decided what the hairdresser should do to your hair. The same happened when buying affordable front lace wigs. You need to sit and decide the hairstyle you want to achieve before you start looking for the lace wig to purchase. If you visit the wig store before making such a crucial decision, you might end up spending the whole day looking for a single wig. We always advise that it’s good to decide the wig/lace color, wig length, and style before embarking on the buying process.

People are likely to note when you wear a wig whose color is different from that of your natural hair. Though some may assume that you dyed your hair, others will try to find out what you ‘added’ to your hair.


Any purchase should have a set budget to save on time and avoid overspending on impulse purchases. Lace front wig prices vary depending on the wig style, color, design, and length. You can buy a quality front lace wig for as low as $50 or as much as $1000. Therefore, it’s upon you to decide how much you want to spend on the wig you wish to buy. With a limited budget, you will only choose among the few wigs that fall within your budget. This makes your process shorter and more convenient. Though we are advocating for cheap human hair wigs, we don’t mean your budget for a low-quality wig. Always budget for a quality human hair front lace wig.

How to Wear a Lace Front Wig Safely

To this point, we believe that you know what to consider when purchasing a lace front wig. However, you can buy an amazing wig but you don’t know how to wear it. If you are in this situation, it means that you won’t achieve the beauty you intended to get. Remember, all this time you are after getting a stunning natural look. It’s for this reason that we decided to help you understand how to wear a lace front wig.

You must understand that wearing this type of wig wrongly would damage your natural hair as well as the wig itself. After all, your hair is far important than the wigs you purchase because it takes much time to grow but you can buy dozens of wigs in a day.

Before wearing any wig, your natural hair should be dry. It should also be flat to allow the wig to take the shape of your head. A lot of care is necessary as you glue the lace to avoid spreading it to your natural hair. Doing so is likely to damage your hairline and consequently a frustrating hair loss. If you have to style your lace front wigs, avoid using high power dryers because they damage the wig.


Having shared this information with you, we believe that you now have a clear mind of what you expect before you get to an online wig store. Starting with the material used to manufacture the wig to the price of the wig, you need to consider all the necessary factors before you buy any cheap lace front human hair wig.

Again, it is important to be careful when wearing the wig to avoid damaging the wig or your hair in the process. If you have to use glue or any other adhesive, let them be from trusted manufacturers only.

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