The Most Popular Styles Of Human Hair Wigs


As times goes by, more and more kinds of styles of human hair wigs appear in our daily life. But do you know which style is the most popular, so that can let you catch the trend?
In today’s blog, we will tell you one by one.


No1: straight hair

Compare other hairstyles, the straight hair style biggest advantage is zero maintenance. All you need is a good hair wash and you are all set for a good hair-day.
In, we have different wig type for straight hair, like 13x4 lace front wigs, 4x4 lace closure human hair wigs, Upart human hair wigs, machine made human hair wigs and lace part human hair wigs, you can choose any wig type you like for the straight hairstyles.


No2: body wave

There must be a reason why so many people choose it. Body wave hairstyles, the shape is like a big and relaxed “S”style, so the curls is the biggest compare other styles. the natural curls let your hair looks more natural.


No3: curly hair

Curly hair is most definitely very low maintenance. You can very easily skip a day or two of not washing your hair.
And in my opinion, curly hairstyle can better show the charm of women, when you go beach, curly hair is the best choice.


No4: deep wave hair

Deep wave hair curls is tighter than body wave, but less than curly hair. If you want to add more volume in your natural hair, deep wave hairstyle is your choice, because it can blend well with your hair, and let you hair looks bomb.


No5: loose wave hair

Actually, loose wave hairstyle is a little similar with the body wave hair, but loose wave hair curls more tighter, if you looking for a wavy style look, and need the curls easy to maintain, then you can choose loose wave hairstyle.


No6: water wave hair

Water wave also called natural wave, you can image how natural it is. Compare deep wave and curly hairstyle, water wave hair curls looks more natural, so that it can more perfect match with your own hair.


No7: kinky straight hair

Compare other style, kinky straight hairstyle make you feel more casual,it mimics the hair of African Americans, so it looks like its own hair.

That’s the popular styles of human hair wigs, you can choose yours depends on their respective advantages.

Hairsmarket sale human hair wigs and human hair bundles for all styles mentioned above. No matter you like human hair wigs or sew in, you all can find in here.

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