The Advantages of Wearing Weaves

A weave is human hair that’s sewn, glued or clipped into your natural hair. The hairdresser usually braids your natural hair flat and then sews in the desired amount of hair bundles into your hair leaving your real hairline visible. Usually it need about 3 or 4 bundles to make a full head,It depends on the size of your head and how thick you want your hair to be.

Here are some reasons why people prefer wearing weaves:

A Great Variety.

Weaves come in different styles and colors – you can choose a blonde curly weave or a natural color hair. There are so many choices.  

It’s easy to maintain.

Once a weave is sewn in well, it doesn’t move or slip; you’ll have peace of mind for a few weeks. This is a big pro for people who want to save time on their hair when getting ready.

It’s convenient for summer or hot weather.

A weave is a good option if your hair is prone to breakage during summer or it’s generally hard to maintain. It will retain its form even with humidity changes.

You can add length and volume to your hair.

This is a major pro of wearing a weave. You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow to get a desired length or to try a new style; you can wear a weave. Weaves can be fitted in to hide thinning hair or increase the length of your breaking hair.

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