Something You Need to Know for Transparent Lace

In the previous times, we always use medium brown color lace, no matter for lace closure, lace frontal or lace wigs. But in 2020 new year, transparent lace become more and more popular, almost every ladies say that this kind of lace more easily to match with their skin tone!
But do you know transparent lace well? if not, then continue to read this blog.


First question: What Are Transparent Lace Closure/Frontal?

Literally, a transparent lace closure/frontal is a lace closure/frontal made with transparent lace.
For transparent lace, the biggest advantage is: invisible, let your hairline looks more natural.
As we all know that when we wear lace closure,lace frontal or lace front wigs, we would like to pre plucked the hairline, so that it can let the hair looks more natural. And for the transparent lace, because of the lace is invisible, so when we installed the hair, it could not see the lace. Which will let our hair looks just like our hair.


Second question: Benefits Of The Transparent Lace

1: Easy to match skin tone. No matter you are black or white skin, you all can choose this kind of lace.
2: Great choice for beginners. If you are new to wear hair, suggest you choose transparent lace, easy to install, and not need to bleach the knots.
3: Breathable. Transparent lace more breathable, so when you wear it, it will let you feel more comfortable.
As we all know that, lace frontal or lace closure are both extremely useful in creating beautiful, full sew in installations. Using them, will let you get a more natural look.


Third question: Should I Get the Transparent Lace?

My answer is YES! Because you can see that transparent lace has so many advantages. Why not choose it?
It gives the most realistic hairline and less work if you’re looking for a natural looking lace closure/frontal.
For transparent lace, Hairsmarket sale transparent lace closure, lace front and lace wigs.
Kinds of style and length you can choose. Such as straight hair, curly hair, deep wave hair ect.
Are you ready to have fun with transparent lace? Shop Hairsmarket right now!

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