Quick and Easy Way To Reduce Tangling On Curly Hair

Tangling is one of the most important issues. Most women worry when buying human hair extensions. People will say that tangles indicate poor quality hair, which is not healthy hair at all. It's true in a way. However, the tangling can’t be stopped. What we can do is to minimize tangles by following a few tips.

Choose 100% virgin remy hair

First, it is recommended that you choose 100% virgin remy hair. virgin hair is the most natural "hair" that unprocessed. Tangling are less likely to occur because the ends of the hair are healthy. Remy hair has the same skin from top to bottom, just like natural hair on the head. Since the direction of the stratum corneum is irreversible, there is not easy to tangle.

Regular care

Wearing remy hair doesn't mean it can't tangle at all. In order to keep our hair in perfect condition, we still need to take good care of it. This is why some people wear "hair" for years. But some people can only wear the same hair for a few weeks. Always try to wash your hair once or twice a week. When hair is clean and cool, tangles are less likely to occur. Unwashed hair can get dirty and mixed with moisture, etc. Hair will tangle and frizz.

Use conditioner

Hair also has life. Tangling hair is due to dirt and dryness, and dryness is due to lack of water. You can use conditioner for deep care every time you wash the hair.

Comb with hand

Don't brush your hair if you don't wash it for a long time. This will make the tangles faster. You can comb it with your hands before washing it. If the "hair" is already tangled, open it by hand and wash it off. The hair will be soft as silk and soft again.
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