How To Slay Your New Look In 2020 Spring Season

Hey, girls. Have you always consider to change new hairstyle, but could not decide on which looks you really want?

As we all know that each girl is unique. Her personality, the shape of her face, the five senses.... all decide the looks. Hairsmarket understand that. What’s more, there are so many kinds of hairstyles as options, such as straight hair, body wave hair, curly hair, loose wave hair, wavy hair etc.....So Choice Phobia Disorder is coming.......Do not fear, today, Hairsmarket will tell you how to choose the best hairstyle which suit you perfectly

FIRST------We need know the features and advantages of each hairstyle, then you can know this hairstyle look suit you or not.... Choose the right hair, slay the beauty!!!!

Straight Hair

Straight hair looks amazing on any woman not matter what kinds her face shape....straight hair can let you all looks ultra-feminine and younger. Recently, most young girls choose short straight---Bob hairstyle, which will let you looks more cute and fashion. So if you are new weaver, straight hairstyle will be your first choice.

Body Wave & Loose Wave

For body wave and loose wave, we all called wavy hairstyle. When we mention wavy style, the first word pop out is SEXY. YES!!! You can image how generous when you wear the long wavy hairstyle with hot dress... That’s why the wavy hairstyle always be the best selling year by year. If you are looking Party/Birthday/Valentine style, body wave hair will be your best choice.

Deep Wave Curly & Kinky Curly Hair

When we mention curly hair, the most advantage is low maintenance. If you have busy life, not have too much time to care your hair, or style you hair, you can choose curly hairstyle. Save time but pretty looking.

That’s all. After read this blog, which hairstyle you want to try later? Let us know if you bought and installed the hair, we want to know how pretty you are!! Waiting for you Babies!!

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