How to Put A Wig Cap on

As times goes buy, human hair wigs become more and more popular, but as we all know that, when we put the wig in our head, sometimes, it will let us feel uncomfortable, that is why the wig cap coming out. The wig cap can protect our hair and make the wig fit our head more well.


  1. Style your hair before you put the wig cap

You can apply gel with your natural hair, which can be more easier to put the wig cap. If your hair too short or have more baby hairs, this is super helpful for you to install your wig. You can use comb or hand to apply the gel in your hair, but if you do not have gel, you can use water instead.


  1. Braid your hair in cornrows

Braid your hair in cornrows will let your own natural hair invisible when you wear the wig, and make sure when you braid the hair, let the hair be flat, so that the wig cap can fit your head, and looks nicer.
You can braid your hair yourself if you do hair frequently, but if not, you can also go to a hair salon to have a professional stylist put in cornrows.


  1. Put the wig cap

If you have sensitive skin, suggest you put spray scalp protector on your head before you put the wig cap.
Align the wig cap with your natural hairline on the front of your head. This will make sure all of your natural hair is completely covered by the cap and eventually the wig.
You can choose the wig cap color depends on your own skin color, so that it can match your skin well.
Pulling the wig cap to let it fit your head well, make sure it is tight, so that it will not falling down when you put the wig on.
You also can use hair pins to fix the wig cap, you can put the hair pins as you like, but at least put 2 pins in your front and back head.
That is the steps how to put the wig cap, if you are new to wigs, you can check it and try it.

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