How To Properly Care For Your Wig

To ensure that your human hair wig lasts a long time, wash it once a week or at least five times after wearing it. Here are some simple steps to make sure you don't ruin your beautiful wig.

1.After removing the wig from your head, make sure there is no glue or tape residue on it, so as not to affect the way you hold the new adhesive. You can use cotton pads or cotton swabs to remove residual glue around your wig.

2.Wash your wig with a product that is wig specific or sulphate free.

3.Avoid hot water, preferably cold water, when cleaning wigs.

4.Apply conditioner and comb your wig after soaking your hair.

5.Don't use a high temperature hair dryer to dry your hair. Natural drying is the least harmful to wigs.

6.Give your wig a regular deep treatment to ensure it moisturizes.

7.If you feel that the wig needs more moisture, please apply a small amount of natural essential oil evenly.

8.After the wig has dried, comb the wig before storing it to prevent more tangles when storing the wig.

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