How to Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy

Many women want long and big wavy curls, body wave hair is a new fashion style in the beauty salon market, and has become the first choice for young women.
The body wave human hair waves has natural beach waves, and the big "S" shape surrounds the entire body of the wavy hairstyle, which has natural luster and looks fluffy and fashionable. Keeping your body wavy will make them look stylish and beautiful. It can also increase people's confidence and help them attract more and more envious eyes. Many customers ask how to keep the body wave wavy if they don’t want to go to the beauty salon every day since the cost is too high.


Wash your hair regularly

Some women don’t want to wash the popular body wave human hair since they are afraid of the hair will become straight after washing. This is actually a wrong concept. Only keeping the body wave weave hair clean can make the body wave hair extensions in healthy and good condition. But you need to pay attention to the right washing method.


Use conditioner

Apply some conditioner to your clean, wet hair and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Hair conditioner nourishes hair better. When hair is cut from the young girl's head, it doesn't absorb enough moisture and becomes dry. Using conditioner keeps hair moist and feels smoother.


Dry your hair

After washing your body wave human hair, remember not to drying it with the high power hairdryer. Dry the moisture with a clean dry towel gently, be sure to keep in mind that your drying action can’t be rude because the hair cuticle is open after washing, it is easy to damage when you drying the hair rudely. Then let the natural body wave hair dry in the air until there isn’t any water drop down.


Use hair care essential oils

You should add some hair essential oils on your body wave hair when your hair is 80% dry. During the process of applying the hair oil to your human hair body wave hair, comb your hair with your finger gently from the top to the end, you don’t need too much hair oil, you just need moderate oil evenly spreading to your head and your body wave human hair.


Styling hair

The final step is finishing your curls. Making the big curls with your hand when the body wave hair is wet, then let the hair air dry, but you should remember not to dry the hair with the wind, the wind will blow your body wave hair to straight. At this step, you can use a low power hairdryer to help you curl and dry the hair.
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