How to Fix My Dry Damaged Hair

We were happy to install the new human hair bundle and it was always in good condition, but after a few weeks we noticed that our extensions were getting very dry and dull.

Do you want to throw away these bunches and buy new hair? There are some tips on how to keep your hair healthy shiny and moisturize.

Use Quality Hair Care Products

You must ensure that you use quality hair care products to maintain your extensions. This can improve the health of extensions and real hair. It's important to use products that really protect your hair, as without them it will become dry and tasteless.

Using Light Oils

When you are using an oil on your human hair, choose argan oil and coconut oil, their very light molecular weight means that it will not cause excessive accumulation or cause any further damage and breakage.

Staying Away From Heat Damage

Heat is possibly the biggest enemy of your hair extensions. When you take great effort to fix your damaged hair extensions, make sure you stay away from heat damage as much as possible.When you have to straighten or curl the hair extensions, apply heat protectant is a must.

Buying High-Quality Hair Extensions

The best hair extensions you can find in the market is virgin hair, which usually lasts you 6 months to 1 year. Please make sure you get virgin human hair before installation. If you don’t know where to purchase great hair with affordable prices, check out It is a factory based virgin hair vendor.
I hope that was tips has helped you.Hairsmarket supply good quality virgin human hair and human hair wigs, if you want to choose high-quality and reasonably priced wigs, Hairsmarket is your best choice.

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