How to Dye Human Hair Wigs

When we have a human hair wigs, sometimes, we want to try different color on it, but as a beginner, maybe we do not know how to dye it well, in today’s blog, we will tell you step by step.


  1. Mixing the hair dye

You can use the hair dye you bought from the local hair store, mixed the hair dye with the water. Read the instructions on your dye to see how much dye you should combine with the developer. Usually, we suggest you darken your wig other than lighten it, because we know for light color, we need bleaching the hair, if you are beginner, not good at coloring, for your first time not suggest you try light color.


  1. Applying the hair dye

First, you can test the hair dye in your few strands hair, if you like the color on your hair, then you can apply the hair dye in your whole wigs.
Second, put the wig in the bowel with the dye, use your hand gently rub it, so that the wig can apply the color perfectly.
Third, put the wig which dyed already in one head holder, because the head holder can keep your wig shape well.
Fourth, brush the wig, this step is to make sure your whole wigs take color well, so that can let your wig looks more natural.


  1. Wash the hair

First, you can use your shampoo to wash the hair, remember use warm water instead too hot or cold. Rinse out the shampoo when you done this step.
Second, apply some conditioner in your wig, so that let your hair feels more softer.
Third, dry the hair. You can use your towel to gently squeeze the wig to remove the extra water.
Fourth, you can air dry the hair or blow dry it in a low setting.
That is all the steps how to dye the human hair wigs, it is easy to do, right ?

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