How to Cut Perfect Wig Bangs

As time goes by, more and more people love wear wig with bangs, because this style will let people looks younger and cute.
if you never bought wig with bangs before, but also want to try this style. How do you do that? You can use your regular lace front wigs or lace closure wig, to cut the bangs yourself.
In today’s blog, we will tell you how to cut a perfect wig bangs yourself.


First: put your wig on your head before cutting

This step is the easiest way to ensure your bangs look exactly how you want. Ensure your wigs is fit your head well, especially your forehead hair. You can use the clips to secure the hair during this process.
You can look at yourself in the mirror when you do cutting as well.


Second: put your wig in a model head when you do cutting, which more easier

If you are beginner to cut the bangs, you can put your wig in a model head, let your own head stay the same level with the model head, which can make the bangs come out the same length just like you want.
Or you can use T-pins or straight pins to hold the wig in place as you work with it.


Third: Tie back all of the hair aside from the bangs

This step is to make sure you will not cut other hair by accident. You can use a hair tie or clip to fix the rest hair beside the bangs hair you want to cut.


Fourth: Comb the bangs forward

You can comb the bangs forward, and cut of the extra hair around the bangs. In case if there are stray hairs sticking up, you may trim the bangs unevenly.


Fifth: Cut the bangs

You can split the bangs into 2 equal sections, cut 1 section one time, and come the hair when you cut. Make small vertical snips rather than cutting your bangs straight across. In this way, cut off small pieces hair at a time. When you cut the 1 section, do the same way in the second section.
When you done two sections, comb all bangs to see the whole look, especially the hair length and thickness.
That is all the steps for how to cut a wig bangs, have you learned?
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