How to Choose the Wig Density for a Natural Look

Nowadays, many young people like to wear wigs to change their styles, and our requirements for wigs are getting higher and higher. It is very important to find a wig that is very suitable for them and natural.

So, how to choose the Wig density for a natural look? Here are some reference factors for you:


1.What’sYour Natural Hair Density

This is important when you want to mix your hair with your natural hair. You should choose a density that looks like your own hair. Also, if you want to look natural, you need to keep your hair as dense as natural hair.


2.Your Age

Age is related to thinning hair. The older you get, the thinner your hair gets. Therefore, if you want to look more natural and younger, you can choose a high-density wig.


3.The Texture Of Wigs

For different human hair wig textures, the thickness will vary. Curly human wigs look fuller than straight hair wigs. Short human hair wigs look fuller than long human wigs. Natural black human wigs look better than 613 gold human wigs and other colored human hair.


4.Types Of Your Wig

Whether you want to buy full lace wig,13*4 lace front wig or 4*4 lace closure wig, you can choose from different densities.


5.Body Factor

Body size is also a very critical factor. If you have a fat body, it is recommended that you choose a high-density wig, so that the overall look will be very natural. If you are thin, you can choose a normal density or low density wig


6.Price Factor

Different density of the wig price is also different, usually the higher the density of the price is more expensive, decided by their own budget.

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