How to Choose a Natural-Looking Wig

Thinking of choosing a wig to add style and fullness to your hair? Here are our top tips for choosing one that looks as natural as possible:

Think About Your Face Shape

Just like with your own hair, the shape of your face will play a huge part in determining which style of wig will suit you best.

If you have a heart-shaped face then a wig with a fringe is a great choice, as this will help to minimise your wider forehead. Long, layered hair will frame your face, bringing balance and style. If you have a round face then look for a long or mid length wig with an off-centre parting. Avoid short wigs which will draw attention to your softer features. Finally, if you have an oval face shape then why not try a shoulder or jaw length wig with curls, waves, or texture? This will add width to your face and create a wonderful sense of balance.

Wear the Right Size

One of the best ways to ensure your wig will look as natural as possible is to wear the right size; the right wig will hug your scalp, feeling nice and secure. Use a tape measure to carefully measure around your head at your hairline, the width of your head from ear to ear, and from the base of your hairline at the front to the back of your head. These measurements will give you a clear idea of the wig size that will suit you best.

Choose the Right Hair

Both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs have their pros and cons, and each type of hair has its own dedicated fans. Human hair wigs tend to be more versatile and can be heat treated just like natural hair, however they tend to require more maintenance than synthetic wigs.

Blend Your Wig

If you have any natural hair, then blend your wig with your own front hairline. Simply leave the front section of your hair out of your wig, pushing your wig a little further out to leave this hair exposed. Colour and style your natural hair so that it matches the shade and texture of the wig to create a totally seamless look.

The lace front wigs are renowned for creating a beautiful and natural looking hairline, no hairline is more natural looking than your own. So, if you’re blessed with some natural hair in this area, give it a go!

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