How To Care Your Curly Wig

Curly hair is always on the trend, there is a wide selection of curls, colors, and lengths. The caring of curly human hair wigs are not exactly the same as that of real hair. Let’s take a look at some tips on caring for curly human hair wigs.


Usually, it is removed and placed on a stand. When you wear the wig and take it off every day, don't put it casually. When not in use, put it in a plastic bag. It is best not to expose it to the air, so it is easy to have dust or debris.

2.Wash the wig regularly

If you wear the wig frequently, it is recommended to wash it once a week. Pay special attention when cleaning, the wig cannot be washed with hot water, which will damage the quality of the wig, and it cannot be soaked in water for a long time. After cleaning, it should be dried automatically in a ventilated place.

3.Use conditioner

When cleaning the wig, do not rub it vigorously with your hands. When you see a knot in your wig, don't pull it, use some conditioner and gently detangle it. Leave it alone for about 10 minutes after applying the conditioner, so that the hair will be more supple.

4.Don't comb

If your wig has curly hair, try not to comb the curly hair, as using a comb will cause the curls to lose their curls. Run your fingers through the hair and comb it gently, then use the hair care oil.

5.Use non-oily hair products

If the wig hasn't been used for a long time, you want it to be as dark and beautiful as when you first bought it. You only need to spray the non-oily maintenance fluid on the curly hair wig several times before wearing the wig every day. This will not only prevent static electricity, but also restore its original appearance and be lubricated.

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