How to Care for Curly Weave

Many young people like curly hair style, and one of the important things when taking care of curly weaves is that, just like natural virgin hair, so make sure that any product you decide to use is suitable for weaves.


1.Detangle your weave properly

Before deciding to do anything with the weaves, make sure your hair is detangled and knotless. You can use a wide-toothed toothbrush to help entangle curly knitting and make sure it doesn't cause any damage during cleaning.


2.Wash once a week

Now, just like natural hair, weaves needs to be cleaned too. That's why it's a good idea to wash and preen your hair every week. Once you have detangled your hair and shampooed it, continue using your moisturizing conditioner, which will help keep your curls soft and plump.


3.Use conditioner

Most people don't realize how important hair conditioner is to eaves. Deep conditioning means you can do it once a week with a hair mask or anything that helps your hair stay strong and healthy.


4.Wrap your curls before sleeping

The worst thing about falling asleep is hair friction. The more you rub, the more frizzy your hair will become, and when you wake up you become crazy and frizzy. The best way to solve this problem is to put curly weaves into a nightcap, as this prevents hair from tangling due to friction.


5. Moisturise daily

The best way to keep your curls knotty-free and healthy is to moisturize every day. Make sure you care for those curls by moisturizing them and helping them hold their shape and prevent curling.


6.Never brush when dry

It is very important to comb while curling and moistening and never brush the weave when dry as this can damage the hair, can cause fuzziness and can ruin the weave.

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