Hairsmarket Customized Service You Need to Know

Everyone will have different needs when buying products, so we have launched customized services. If you can't find what you need on the website, then you can take a look at our customized service. If you are interested, please continue reading this blog.

Regarding customized services, it is mainly divided into the following categories.

1.custom color

Generally, the main colors of wigs sold in the market are natural color and some common colored lace wigs, such as blonde wigs, burgundy wigs, ginger wigs etc. But some customers sometimes need some distinctive colors, which cannot exist in the market. If you have this demand, you only need to send us the picture of the product color you need, and we can customize it according to the picture you provide.

2.custom pattern

The more common hair texture types on the market are straight hair, body wave hair, deep wave etc. If you have different needs, you only need to send the pictures of the styles you want to us, we can make it for you. Of course, all our products are 100% human hair, you can also do your own styling.

3.custom mesh cap

We all know that the size of everyone's head is different. The size of the lace wigs sold in the market is generally the average size, but some people are not suitable for this size, so we have launched a customized service. There is no charge for customizing the size of the net cap, you only need to leave a message on the size of your head circumference in your order, we can customize it according to your requirements.

4.custom density

If you need a high-density human hair wigs, but you can't find it in the market, just contact us, we can also make it according to your requirements.

These are the customized services we often accept. Of course, if you have other needs, you can also contact our customer service directly, and we can help you consult whether we can provide what you need. Remember, as long as you have needs, feel free to contact us, we will do our best to meet you.

If you haven't tried our products, hurry up! Our products will never let you down!!!

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