Hair Care Tips----Beginners Must Know

As a girl, we all want to become more and more pretty, and in the process, hair is a very important factors. No matter you wear human hair bundles or human hair wigs. If you are a beginner who just use hair, and do not know how to care the hair, this article may help you.
For hair, we want to restyle , dyed, bleached it? Right? But we all know that too much process will ruin the hair. So how to let the hair last more longer and stay healthy? We will tell you in here.
Some frequent problems you usually have.



One of the problems that make you headache is hair tangle. When you try to comb you hair, the hair not silky at all, it become tangling badly. When have this issue, you will get mad.



We all hope our hair looks fuller and pretty. But if the hair start shedding, it means the hair will become less and less, it will let us looks ugly. What’s more, the shedding hair maybe will appear everywhere you go. Your clothes, bed, bathroom..... all let us feel uncomfortable. Right? WE NOT WANT THIS!!!



Sometimes, we tried of the natural color hair, wanna try some new colors. So we will dye the hair ourselves, but you will find that the hair not take color well!!! Alright, maybe we need buy another new hair, because the hair ruined.
These three problems are the most frequent. So how to solve this when we have? Continue to read!!!




For the hair tangle thing, usually caused by the hair too dry and the incorrect hair care. So you can use some WATER OR OILS to make the hair moist, and when the hair tangle, pls use WIDE COMB to brush the hair gently, not too hard.



Because all our hair are cut from young girls directly, to make sure the hair more strong, our factory will let the skilled workers to sew in the weft. So in normal case, the hair will not shedding.
But sometimes will happen shedding due to you cut the weft. If you cut the weft, the hair will be easily falling down from the weft, so please SEAL THE WEFT WITH GOOD GLUE, and it will avoid shedding.



In case ruin the hair in dying. You can just take a few strands hair to have a test. For hair color, remember not dye it lighter than 27 color. Because you know all hair dyed darker color easier than lighter. If you want lighter hair color such as red, green, purple. suggest you buy 613 hair to dyed instead the natural color.

All over all, that’s some tips for beginners how to care their hair. Hope this helpful.

If you have any concern or any more better advice, welcome to share with us.

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