Difference Between Curly Hair and Water Wave Hair

There are many styles of virgin wave hair in Brazil, such as body waves, curly wave, loose waves, natural waves, deep waves, etc.

We all love extensions, right? But do you know the differences and the quality of each texture of extension since there are so many types of hair weave?

Most women just know the color and length of the hair they are often after but when it comes to texture, not many people can tell the difference.

This is especially true for curly hair and water wave hair. They have vast similar features but their differences are equally notable.

What is Curly Hair?

Virgin Curly hair is sexy and thick. The shape of curly hair is determined as “S-shaped”, meaning that they have two bends. This features a type of hair that has small and tight curls. This normally makes the hair look more voluminous than most other hair types. The hair is fluffy which makes it hard to flatter your face shape. You will need a curling tool to keep it curled.

Advantages of Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to have tighter curls, so the hair would be more bouncy.  

Curly weft hair is more curly than wavy. Curly has curls, wavy has waves. Curls curl all the way around while waves don't.

The texture of curly hair is coarse like wool. People belonging to warm and humid climate often seem to have curly hair.

Curly natural hair is often thought of as coarse in texture, but it is actually soft. It also has a reputation for being thick; while that is often true, curly hair also can be fine.

Most people from African countries having Negro ancestry have curly hair. 

Disadvantages of Curly Weaving Hair 

With that many positives of beautiful hair, curly hair must have some negatives. Humidity is not your friend. Especially during hot and stick weeks of July and August, our hair looks like a lion’s mane, unless it is pulled back in a tight bun, and even that doesn’t take our poufy hair .The full length of your hair does not show. Because the curls are twisted, it looks they are so much shorter than what your hair actually is. The only time you can see the full length of your hair is when it is wet or straightened. Although curly hair has many styling advantages, if you do not want a version of curly hair, it takes hours to style your hair differently, like straightening it. Sometimes, styling takes professional skills and products that could be expensive. Dry brushing can lead to split end and breakage and combing or brushing your hair dry will cause fizziness. After brushing your hair with a dry hairbrush, the next morning your hair is filled with fly-aways and is still frizzy. To prevent this you could use detangle spray, oils, or even a wet hairbrush.

What is water wave hair?

Water wave hair got its name based on its characteristics. It is extremely sleek, effortless and flows just like water. This is why it has become so famous over a recent couple of years.

Water wave hair has a wave design that is progressively articulated because of the waves being woven nearer together. The texture of water wave hair is similar to that of the waves on the water surface. It has large curls which give it a natural look and make it look more elegant and classy.

Advantages of Water wave hair

High Quality with a Beautiful Look

Water Wave hair and wigs give you a very stunning wavy pattern. This hair type is natural and shiny; you can use it to accomplish any desired look. The hair is perfect for adding hair volume and gives a fresh look to your appearance.

This Hair is Soft, Luxurious and Thick

Water Waves Hair is very soft, luxurious and thick. It requires fewer bundles to give a full-body look. This hair type gives more fullness in the tapers and roots and gets thinner towards the ends for a realistic effect.

Easy Maintenance

Besides, the best easy to maintain hair is Water wave hair. The kind of hair is versatile and multipurpose and quite easy to style and color. With this piece, you can create any form you want. This big hair is affordable and takes and holds every style very quickly. It only takes less time when grooming, but you can enjoy your new hairstyle for a long time.

Long Lifespan

When it comes to lifespan, Water Waves Hair is one of the toppers. This hair texture is your tropical getaway in the form of loose, carefree curly bundles. With this hair, the longer you keep the hair installed, the better it seems.

Water Wave Hair vs. Curly hair


Both water wave hair and curly hair are pop hair styles for girls; they are both in curl pattern, they are both suitable to wear in summertime, which will make you feel cool during the hot days. The hair texture of the virgin curly hair is the same as water wave hair; they are soft, silky and lustrous. Both the water waver hair and curly hair are versatile; they can fit for any occasion, from the office to the vocation to show your eternal beauty to everyone.


There are many differences between water wave hair and curly hair; the most distinguishing difference is curls. The curls of curly hair are small and tight as compared to water wave hair. The curls of water wave hair are looser and in a big S shape.in addition curly hair has irregular curls pattern as compared to water wave hair.


With all that said, you should notice that we have so many options to choose from. Also, both the hair types have their best features.

This is why I say there’s no yes or no answer. Which hair is best is dependent on a number of factors which include where you want to use the hair, your facial features, and personal preferences among other factors.

There are times when you want the wavy hair and at time curly but other times you prefer straight. Whichever hair you choose, I believe with the right style in mind it will look good on you.

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