Can I Sleep in My Wig?

While you may want to sleep in a wig, it's not always the best idea. Sleeping with a wig shortens its lifespan significantly. While sleeping, wigs rub against pillows, causing friction. This friction can lead to split ends, tangles and tangles in the hair. You will also need to tidy and wash the wig regularly, which will make it more prone to wear and tear.

It's understandable to want to wear your human hair lace wigs at night. If you still want to sleep in a wig, these tips will help reduce the damage caused by sleeping in a wig.


Your pillow

Use a silk pillow or pillowcase. This will help the hair slide and reduce friction with the pillow. This will reduce friction related problems such as extinction and tangles.


Prepare your wig

You should get your wig ready before you go to bed. Long hair should be braided or tied into a ponytail to reduce friction. A short wig like bob lace front wigs is not a big deal, but if you can hold it with a hairpin or a hairpin, it will fit your wig better.


The second day

When you wake up, you will want to gently remove all the knots by carefully combing the wig. Never leave the knot and sleep in a wig, it will cause further damage and the knot will be difficult to remove.


Second wig

If you sleep in a wig, you may also want to swim and exercise in it. We suggest you get another wig for this kind of event. You don't have to worry about your lace front wig looking out of place in the morning. Even if you sleep alternating wigs, it's less harmful than wearing only one.

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