Body Wave Hair or Loose Wave Hair, Which One to Choose?

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Every woman wants to have the most beautiful hairstyles. A stylish and elegant look at the same time is what every girl wishes for. We have many kinds of type of human hair products, like straight hair, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, water wave, loose deep wave and many other types of human hair. 

Choosing the right texture for your hair weaves can have a big impact on loving your new look. Before you buy 100 human hair, you may consider much about the human hair, the price, quality, textures, and so on.

As there are so many kinds of virgin human hair, you may consider what the difference between them is. Now, we will share with you the body wave hair VS loose wave hair, which one is better for you.

What is Body Wave Hair?

When the hair weave is processed in a body wave style, the result is a consistent deep "S" pattern through the entire bundle of hair, Virgin body wave hair bundles also tends to a shiny feel and appearance. It easily be maintained and straightened to straight hair or curled to any other curly hair .That’s the reason why body wave is always hot selling among African American. Such as Natural wave Peruvian hair or virgin Malaysian curly can blend well with any hair. The curls virgin hair is very famous in African and American women.

The body wave hair is a type of loose which looks very natural. It has the character of straight and curly wave. The curls of body wave looks more relax. If you are not satisfied with straight hair, and you have interests in curls, the body wave will be your first choice. It can mix with your own hair which can help your hair to look more natural.

The Characteristics of the Body Wave Hair

There are some reasons why the body wave human hair wig is so highly welcomed by women all over the world, we will discuss the characteristics that the body wave hair have respectively.

The body wave weave human hair is made of 100% virgin Remy human hair, this kind of Remy hair is cut directly from the same donator’s head with the original cuticle, collected by facing the same direction, sewed with no any other harmful chemicals added, no shedding, tangle free, soft and healthy for your wearing, about six to eight long lifespan. This alone, the body wave hair bundles are highly welcomed by women who want to buy affordable body wave hair with closure.

The popular reason why the body wave human hair is very popular in the market is because the versatility. The hair quality of the body wave hair is good, it keeps the original cuticle, it is available in the wide range of colors and hair textures. In another world, you can style the best body wave weave real human hair to any popular human hairstyles, such as the straight human hair, jerry curly human hair wig, kinky human hair, deep wave human hair, natural wave hair, 613 blonde body wave hair, and so on. This will meet women’s requirement of not wanting to wear the changeless human hairstyle wig. They can change their best and cheap body wave weave hair to any loved hair textures, as long as they handle the hair in the right way and give the body wave hair extensions a correct caring.

How to prove if the human hairstyle you choose is suitable for you? The answer is trying it by you. The body wave weave human hair should be the one suitable for everyone. It is soft, silky, smooth, and thick for your wearing, the effects after wearing will make you love this texture. No matter the body wave long hair and the short body wave hair, the big “S” shape around the entire hair with the natural luster; it will bring you to a fashion and modern world.

Many women may feel troublesome with the special caring procedure of the 100% virgin Remy human hair. Definitely, the curly human hair and other wavy human hair textures need special caring in order to protect the health of the hair. But this is not applied for the body wave human hair wigs. The body wave wavy hairstyle is similar to the original condition of the Remy hair, it has the biggest curls compare with other texture, so it needn’t too much special caring procedure, help you save time and money, make your life more convenience.

What is a Loose Wave Hair?

Loose wave is a kind of wave hairstyle that has is loose and also usually has huge curls. People often get confused since the hairstyle is the same as that of the body wave hairs. But you must be aware that the loose wave has a bit tighter curl as compared to body wave hairs. This is the main difference between the loose wave and body wave hair.

Loose wave hair is neither too tight nor too straight. The reason why most users prefer loose hair is that they are normally fluffier and more natural. The kind of hair is created neat and tight to get rid of shedding. Created from purely human hair, the loose wave is nicely bouncy and thick. You will have the full ends that appear healthy and will get no split ends.

The Characteristics of the Loose Wave Hair

Loose wave is a kind of wave hairstyle that has is loose and also usually has huge curls. People often get confused since the hairstyle is same as that of the body wave hairs. But you must be aware that the loose wave has a bit tighter curl as compared to body wave hairs. This is the main difference between loose wave and body wave hair.

1. The loose curls do not flow in a single direction

2. Made from 100% human hair

3. They have smaller and tighter curls

4. The curls are not too tight though

5. It usually has a high to medium luster relying on where you are sourcing the hair from

6. Users have the curl pattern being tighter as compared to that of body wave weave hair

Body wave weave hair Vs Loose wave weave hair

Body wave and loose wave are made of best virgin hair, 100% real human hair, no chemically treated, gives a beautiful wavy pattern.

1. Loose extensions have a lot more volume and would look the best on someone who is on a lookout for a bouncy curl.

2. Body wave extensions feature strains that are placed close one next to another and are a lot less bouncy.

3. Styling wise-loose wave extensions can look better in many different styles and will hold the curl a lot better.

4. Loose wave hair is a lot curlier and in a shape of a wave, if you want straight hair rather sticks to body wave.

5. Body waves will get straighter in time and with often washing.

Loose Wave vs. Body Wave, Which one do you choose? Body and loose wave hair are all your good choice. 


So which hair type do you want to choose? The body wave weave hair or the loose wave weaves hair? They are all made of 100% human natural hair, no chemical treated that will give you the beautiful wavy pattern. Both body wave hair and loose wave hair are well received by fashion women. We still believe that no matter which hairstyle you go for.

If you need thicker and coarser, then the braided body wave is best for you.If you need soft and soft curls, then the body wave of Malaysian hair will be your best choice.

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