Best Weave Hair Bundles for Women Who Love Beauty

Women have varying interests in nature and this is the main factor that different hair extensions’ manufacturers consider when designing these pieces. Weave hair is crafted in varying types for you to choose the one you consider best. The best weave hair bundles are made of virgin human hair to ensure a natural feel and appearance is maintained. Human hair is also a better option because it can be treated just like our natural hair.

Weaves are available in many textures. Therefore, these hairpieces are can be used by different black women because their natural hair has varied textures.

Though the list can be longer, the most popular types of weave hair include Brazilian, Malaysian, Eurasian, Peruvian, and Indian hair. Each hair type has a unique texture and they all come in different wave patterns. You can buy hair that has a straight, deep wave, wavy, or curly wave pattern.

Below are the common types of weave hair you can get in the market today.

Brazilian Hair

As the name suggests, this hair comes from Brazil and is cut from some Brazilian women who sell their hair for cash. It is the best texture for Black American women and is known for its natural thickness and shine. This hair makes any woman’s head appear fuller and attractive.

Brazilian hair is available in different patterns and the piece you purchase depends on your favorite hairstyle.

If f you love hair that has well-defined curls, is fluffy, and wavier, Brazilian loose wave hair is the best for you. It’s affordable to most women and gives you an exceptionally natural look. All you need is to buy it from reputable dealers to avoid taking home counterfeit products.

Eurasian Hair

This is another type of hair that is cut from women who have a mixture of Asian and European descent. Eurasian hair is thick, smooth, and silky. If you want to feel relaxed, this is an amazing piece you can use to add value to your head.

It gives you a natural look and is great because it looks fuller. It is made from 100% unprocessed human hair. The hair is soft and has a medium luster. You can buy this hair if you want a hairpiece that holds waves for long.

The Eurasian hair is available in various colors including dark brown, reddish-brown, and natural black shades. You can choose to buy straight, curly, or wavy Eurasian hair extensions.

Malaysian Hair

If you have soft hair and want to wear a weave or wig that is natural-looking, Malaysian hair could be a great choice. It blends naturally with very soft and silky hair. The hair is full of luster and can be ironed or dyed like your natural hair.

This is the best hair for women who wish to be confident in voluminous hair that is exceptionally silky. The origin of this hair is Southeast Asia and has a glossy look. The hair is designed in different styles to meet varying women’s needs. You can have body waves, curly curls, or straight hair bundles. Straight Malaysian hair doesn’t develop waves or curls when wet and blends perfectly with different hair textures.

Women love Malaysian hair because it’s of high quality, great softness, durability, natural shine, and the fact that it doesn’t tangle nor shed. Again, Malaysian hair doesn’t destroy your natural hair and hence is a good choice if you wish to grow your hair.

Indian Hair

It’s amazing to realize that Indian women donate hair in temples as a religious ritual. The temple authorities sell this hair to different manufacturers of hair extensions. The money that is received from the buyers is used for community development.

Indian hair is light and comfortable to wear and is easy to style than most hair weaves. It offers one of the most natural-looking waves and hence is good for any function. It will serve you long without losing the natural waves. Indian hair doesn’t shed when properly maintained. Shedding isn’t a worry when you buy an Indian hair extension.

The best Indian hair is 100% human hair and is uniquely lustrous and silky. It is great for any African American woman. Manufacturers have ensured it’s available in multiple textures including straight, wavy, and curly. This hair doesn’t undergo industrial chemical treatments. All the textures it offers are natural because it’s also donated by different women.

Buy Indian hair if you want to have a free-flowing hairpiece that is easy to maintain on your head.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair is not much different from Brazilian hair except for its thickness and coarseness. It’s thicker and coarser than Brazilian hair. This hair whose origin is traced to Peru different hair textures for African American women. The hair is also slightly wavy and voluminous.

The lightweight hair bundles are preferred by many women because of their styling versatility and unbeatable durability. With its soft feel and natural shine, this hair is easy to color and style. If you love the fullness, you can use as many as five bundles of Peruvian hair and still feel lightweight.


Whichever hairpiece you buy, you need to take good care of it to serve you better. The best value of a human hair wig is giving you a natural look. These hairpieces are all great but choosing one of them will require you to select one that suits you best. Though the hair is different, it’s all available as body wave hair, loose wave hair, deep wave hair, water wave hair, and straight hair.

Weaves and wigs come in different types because women have varying and changing preferences. It’s all about a weave or a wig that gives you a natural look by blending well with your natural hair. All the above hair extensions are made from virgin human hair and there are many more in the market too.

We hope that the above information will help you decide on the type of hair extension. The one you settle on should be beautiful and durable.

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