Advantages of HD Lace Front Wig

The HD lace front wig is the latest hot selling wig.

HD lace front wig adopts stitched or glued installation to help your wig and hair extension get a more natural appearance. The lace size is 13x4 inches, which can perfectly cover your hairline, just like hair that grows naturally from the scalp.


1.It saves time to wear

The 13*4 HD lace front wig is very easy to wear, and it only takes less than an hour to compare with sewn natural hair. The installation of naturally stitched hair extensions,  For women who want to protect their hair from damage and want to spend less time preparing, the lace front is definitely the first choice.


2.The shape can be varied

One of the biggest benefits of wearing HD lace is its versatility. The HD lace front gives you the most natural hairline. You can control any type of hair perfectly. You can also change your hair style every day to create a variety of styles.


3.The scalp can breathe

We all know that wearing a wig for a long time in hot weather will cause the scalp to get hot and sweat and feel uncomfortable, but there is no thick lace in front of the HD lace. Compared with many other wig structures, the HD lace is lighter and more comfortable. Because the high-definition lace is light and breathable, the air can circulate naturally in the scalp and hair, making the wearing effect more refreshing.


4.Soft and comfortable

HD lace is high-quality Swiss lace. It feels softer when worn on the scalp because it uses cloth mesh instead of thick steel wool. Steel wool netting can harm your skin and, in severe cases, can cause scalp problems.


5.Real and natural

The high-definition transparency of HD lace allows it to blend with the scalp easily and naturally. With a little makeup, you can almost hide the edges of the wig perfectly. If you don't tell, no one knows that you wear a wig.

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