About Indian Hair Weaves

Indian hair weaves are very common in the market. They are 100% real Indian human hair, is chemically unprocessed and intact from the donor. This means the hair cuticles are at the same direction, ensures no shedding or tangling. Indian hair is natural soft, lightweight and bouncy, so the hair extensions can easily be curled and styled. Each bundle of our human hair is collected from only healthy donors, so the hair can be colored, cut, flat ironed and curled.

Hairsmarket offers various hairstyles of Indian human hair weaves: straight, body wave, deep wave, curly hair etc for our customers to choose.


Straight Hair

When you want to start from sample, straight hair is the best choice. This hair has resilient ends and follicles with a natural glow making it a super quality. In addition, for straight hair, you have the freedom to style whatever you want.


Curly Wave

Indian hair is light in texture and curls naturally. Curls may be sculpted to a different appearance, involving cutting to achieve a particular shape. However, However, they are not immune to frizzing hence need a little more attention. Stubborn knots may need to be cut off to keep curly hair neat.


Loose Wave

Likewise to curly hair, loose waves are bouncy, too except for the fact that they are more significant than the curls. They get to be frizzy too but not as much as curls. Other options for the styling of this weave include making it fully straights or curling.


Natural Wave

As the name suggests, here we are going natural. The waves are regular hence exhibit the most natural and fancy look at the same time. Though the waves are tiny, they are not as little as curls, but no worry, you will still keep it bubbly. You can gently run your fingers through your hair.


Body wave

Most body waves are long and accompanied by large waves. This stylish look will leave you craving one the moment you see it in your hair. Attaching one to your hair could be a milestone for you as far as it concerns styling.


Deep wave

Deep waves are so popular because they are gorgeous and beyond the limits of style selection. Mixing with hair is less intimidating due to the color and texture of Indian hair. Smooth and shiny natural texture is the most important, To spice it up, you can style to sultry strands, make it straight, care-free curls could also do and cutting it short.

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