About Brazilian Hairstyles You Need to Know

Brazilian has different types of hairstyles, from straight to very curly. Each Brazilian hair has a different curl pattern and maintenance level.
The most popular ones are the Brazilian body wave and the deep wave. These hairstyles have "S" shaped curls that look flexible when installed, but in reality, you can choose from more styles.

Brazilian straight hair

Brazilian straight hair is the simplest hair. It is classified as having no true curl or as having no defined wave pattern. It is usually smooth and silky. This style is easy to shape, maintain and care for. It can be a flat iron, but still curl nicely. This is a good choice if you crave a universal hairstyle and prefer to change the look frequently.

Brazilian body wave

The Brazilian body wave is a loose curl that causes wavy lines rather than tight curls. The hair forms an "S" shape, very soft and natural. Brazilian-style curls lie between straight and curly hair. This is the most popular texture due to its flexibility. Due to the volume and body, it can be worn in a natural wavy pattern or as a flat iron, curl or roller.

Brazilian wavy

Brazilian wavy hair has clear wavy curls. The hair consists of curly hair that is pulled tightly together to form a loose spiral. Curls are springy and springy. This hair is perfect for curling or straightening. It's fluid and gorgeous and can be used in many different hairstyles.

Brazilian curly hair

Brazilian curly hair shows you something interesting. This is a curly and soft hair, whose curls usually have spirals of the same shape and size. This hair is highly maintained. Regular cleaning and conditioning can extend the life of curls.
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