A New Style For You---- Loose Deep Wave Hair

A gorgeous hair is not just good luck. It is something that you need to work for, care for, and cherish. It represents a woman's unique style and personality, as well as her health and history. Hairsmarket arrive one new style called loose deep wave hair. It can give you a more generous look.
So today we will talk about something about this new style--loose deep wave hair.

What is loose deep wave hair?
Through the style name, we may think that the loose deep wave is a combination of loose wave and deep wave. But they are different. This curl is between loose wave and deep wave texture, which looks more special.

Where you can get loose deep wave hair?
Hairsmarket always want to all beauties be fashion, so we always bring you new style. Just like the loose deep wave hair.
For this loose deep wave style. We have bundles and closure, which can meets all black women needs.
For hair bundles, length is 8-28 inch, closure is 8-20 inch. All the hair are cut from one donor, unprocessed, no mixed, can by restyled as you like.

How to maintain the loose deep wave hair?
A good hair will let people remember you. So it is so important to know how to care you hair.
1.Wash and condition
Before installment, suggest you wash and condition the hair.
As we all know that under normal circumstances, like our own natural hair, the ends of the curls are most prone to dryness and damage. They are the oldest hair. Please use more conditioner on the ends, so that can keep the hair more smooth.
After washing the hair, be sure comb the hair with your finger. Because this will reduce the hair tangle.
3.Air dry
we more suggest to air dry the hair after washing. But if you not like, you can dry the hair at a low temperature with a hair dryer and we recommend using a hair curler to shape the hair. This will keep your hair style longer. We do not recommend straightening the hair at your first using. Because it will destroy the curls.

Ladies. If you want to try something new, just pick this loose deep wave hair. It will let you be unique.

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